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Antibody-Polymer ZAP Conjugation Kit

SKU# KIT-7192S

Reactivity Kit to react an antibody with a polymer
Requirements Amine groups on Antibody
Carboxyl groups on Polymer

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1 Reaction enables you to conjugate 2.1 nmol of antibody with 7.5 nmol of the polymer or more, assuming you have at least 1 functional group per molecule. Vials are split into multiple reactions so that you can optimize between reaction sets

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Detailed Description

Save time, minimize headaches, and increase batch-to-batch consistency with our ZAP amine-carboxyl conjugation kit.  

Within the kits, you'll receive all the materials you need to desalt both your antibody and your polymer, conjugate them together, and then rehydrate in storage buffer. 

Unlike other conjugation kits, we also provide standards for comparison, so that you are confident of your results.

Kit contents:

  • 2 Types of Linkers, one for the antibody and one for the polymer
  • 1 Quencher
  • Carboxyl activator and catalyst tubes
  • Amine-free Conjugation buffer
  • Carboxyl Conjugation buffer
  • Filter vials for desalting and buffer exchange
  • Positive Control Antibody Standard
  • Positive Control Polymer Standard


  • With the Sample kit you can react your antibody with your polymer and compare to positive control standards. This kit allows you to react 312 ug of your antibody with 1125 ug of your polymer**
  • The Medium kit allows you to run 3 reactions and 3 standards. You can react up to 936 ug of your antibody together with 3375 ug of your polymer using this kit** 
  • The Large kit allows you to run 10 reactions and 10 standards. You can react up to 3.1 mg of your antibody together with 11.25 mg of your polymer.**

**Assuming you have a 150 kDa antibody and a 150 kDa polymer

General procedure for using the kit:

  • Hydrate polymer in the provided carboxyl conjugation buffer
  • Add linker, activator, catalyst, leave overnight.
  • Hydrate antibody in the amine-free conjugation buffer
  • Add linker to the antibody, leave for 1 hr
  • Mix together antibody and polymer molecules that have reacted with linkers, leave for 1 hr
  • Done!

Product is for research use only

    Antibody-Polymer ZAP Conjugation KitAntibody-Polymer ZAP Conjugation KitAntibody-Polymer ZAP Conjugation KitAntibody-Polymer ZAP Conjugation KitAntibody-Polymer ZAP Conjugation Kit